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Monkey Baby Shower Decorations

monkey baby shower decorations

    baby shower
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monkey baby shower decorations - New Arrivals

New Arrivals Burp Cloths, Sock Monkey

New Arrivals Burp Cloths, Sock Monkey

New Arrivals Burp Cloths, Sock Monkey
Our newest burpees have become our top selling baby gift. These stylish burpees are packaged in packs of 3 with a coordinating bow. The cloth diaper is made of high quality cotton, each featuring a wide stripe of coordinating designer fabrics. These adorable burpees are available in a variety of unique styles that make gift giving easy.

Features include:

•Sold in sets of 3
•High Quality diapers with soft designer fabrics lining the center panel
•Overall size of each diaper is 14X30

88% (15)

King of the Jungle Baby Shower Cake

King of the Jungle Baby Shower Cake

Finally, lol. This was my most labor intensive cake ever. Dots, stripes, a bow, leaves, and a small petting zoo :).
Top tier is coconut and bottom is chocolate filled with chocolate ganache. Both are iced with vanilla coconut SMBC and have fondant decorations. For my sister's baby shower.
I had to make this in Seattle, 2500 miles away from my home. I checked 40lbs of cake making gear in my suitcase.....

Jungle or Safari Baby Shower Cake with Edible Monkey in Banana Trees, Elephant, Giraffe, and Pond view 1

Jungle or Safari Baby Shower Cake with Edible Monkey in Banana Trees, Elephant, Giraffe, and Pond view 1

The cake was designed to match the party invitation which I uploaded as well. All animals and decorations are edible. The gumpaste banana trees were built on wooden shish kabob skewers. The edible gumpaste banana leaves and bananas had wires in them to attach to the tree.

monkey baby shower decorations

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