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Baby Girl Games To Play

baby girl games to play

    baby girl
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    to play
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clothes pin game

clothes pin game

If you've ever been to a baby shower, chances are, you've played the silly clothes pin game.

Everyone gets a little clothes pins to wear. The rules today were, "You cannot cross your legs or ankles. If you do and someone sees you, they get your clothes pin, and any others you have taken. The one with the most clothes pins wins."

I always give mine up in the beginning because I know I'm gonna slip up and cross my legs. I ended up helping this girl collect pins. She ended up losing all of them when she crossed her ankles while standing!

THe Beatnix Girls game out to play

THe Beatnix Girls game out to play

Beatnix is a Great place to find what you need if you ever need anything to play dress up with me. They got it all...........one stop shop for makeup, hair, outfit and all kinds of accessories and props. Also a Drag Queen Palace and located here in Chicago on the Corner of Halsted and Roscoe. Tell them I sentcha......I am sure they will say: WHO?

baby girl games to play

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